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Baby must have 4 kinds of socks

2021-09-03 10:30:04

The baby's socks are more important and more troublesome than shoes. The baby can wear socks without shoes, but it must not only wear shoes without socks.Why do babies wear socks?

Shoes are contaminated by harmful chemicals due to their materials and craftsmanship. Direct contact with baby's tender skin is very harmful. Babies are very active and like to run around they have more chances of damaging the skin and toes. Wearing socks can protect the skin of the feet and avoid scratching the feet.

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Baby must have 4 kinds of socks

1. Anti-slip socks are baby socks with soft rubber patterns on the soles of the feet. Because the baby's center of gravity is unstable and he likes to run and jump, he can easily fall on a smooth floor, so he must wear non-slip socks.
Common family living rooms and children's rooms are dominated by wooden floors. But the baby can't effectively "control" the slippers, the best way is to prevent the baby from wearing slippers, and just put on non-slip socks that are suitable for the season.

Note: Non-slip socks are outer socks, try not to wear them in shoes, and normal socks should be worn inside when wearing soft-soled overshoes. Carpets and assembled foam pads help prevent slippage.

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2. Thin cotton socks: Baby summer socks, choosing nylon stockings for your baby is the most wrong choice. Nylon stockings look thin and actually cover your feet. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color, and it is best not to choose darker blocks, because the baby's sweating may cause the color blocks to discolor. The simpler the socks, the higher the insurance factor.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to choose antiperspirant and deodorizing socks for babies (including such shoes and insoles),  Various spraying agents cannot be used either.

3. Pure cotton socks: used in spring and autumn, thicker and denser than thin cotton socks. Please do not buy socks from stalls or unreliable stores. They are often mixed with low-quality cotton or a large amount of acrylic. Please buy genuine products with more than 75% pure cotton.

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4. Wool socks/cashmere socks: Baby winter socks must be made of pure wool/cashmere. Some mothers wear tight pantyhose for girls, especially high-elastic acrylic socks, which is a very wrong choice. Because the quality of baby's socks should not be acrylic, let alone too tight. Socks can have a certain degree of flexibility, that is, a small amount of Lycra ingredients, but the main ingredients must also be cotton and wool.