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Why do socks harden after washing

2021-11-16 10:34:36

Everyone knows that the newly bought socks are very soft, snug and comfortable when worn. But after washing a few times, the socks began to harden, became inelastic, and could even stand up. What is the reason? Is it because of the quality of the socks?

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First of all, we must understand why the new socks are soft and fluffy?

Socks and underwear, these intimate clothes, we collectively call them "soft fabrics". The reason why soft fabrics are soft is the use of soft threads (for socks, most of them are cotton threads).

The distance between the lines is relatively long, so that the fibers on the lines can be expanded and support each other to form a fluffy and soft state. These small fibers are fluffy, and the state of these fibers directly affects the bulkiness of the socks.

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Why do socks harden?

1. The feet sweat a lot, causing our socks to be soaked in sweat. The inorganic salt in the sweat will absorb water and increase the adhesion, which will cause the fine fibers to not open, so the socks will become hard.

2. After the new socks are repeatedly washed, the fibers will lose their original shape after repeated stress, and the fibers that maintain the softness will break and fall off. As a result, the parts that are often rubbed are aging or even disappear, and the fibers lose the possibility of supporting each other, and they cannot be fluffy.

3. The socks become hard after washing because the water contains a lot of minerals, such as magnesium ions and calcium ions. The minerals in it penetrate into the fibers of the clothes, and over time, of course, the socks will harden.

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Matters needing attention when washing socks:

1. Take it off and wash it immediately. Even if you don't wash it, you should soak it. It only takes a few minutes to wash a socks, and the foot sweat is not dry immediately, and it is easy to wash off.

2. Put the washing powder or liquid detergent into the basin of clean water and stir evenly, then put the socks in, soak for about 5 minutes.

3. Scrub the front and back. The toe and bottom of the sock need to be scrubbed. Rinse twice after washing. This can be thoroughly cleaned.