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Why are socks easy to tear? Is there any solution?

2021-09-27 15:47:36

The socks can still be worn if a small hole is broken, and it will not feel too much. If the socks are broken with a big hole, it is not recommended to wear them. It will feel uncomfortable to wear. The problem of holes in socks must be experienced by everyone, Why do the socks that I just bought break after being worn a few times?

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The reasons why socks are easy to break are nothing more than the following:

1. The toenails are too long, causing holes in the front of the socks. In this case, you should trim your toenails.
2. There is a hole in the heel of the sock,This situation is caused by the friction between the shoes and the socks, indicating that the shoes do not fit.

So be sure to cut your nails regularly and choose shoes that fit your feet, not only to protect your socks, but also to protect your feet.

3. Wear socks for too long, Some boys call it hardworking and thrifty. In fact, they are too lazy and don’t want to buy them. Generally, whether it’s underwear, towels or socks, the best life expectancy is three months. It will be replaced after three months, otherwise it will easily cause beriberi and other health problems. Therefore, the hole is inevitable.

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4. Foot sweat and beriberi are easy to remain in the socks, especially in summer or hot weather, whether it is sports or work, there will always be a lot of sweat, and it is not cleaned in time, which accelerates the "corrosion" of the socks Speed, it will rot very quickly. Socks should be washed frequently, and feet should be washed frequently.

5. The quality of the socks I bought is too poor, and there is no way to guarantee the quality. They are easily worn out, which directly shortens the service life of the socks. Choose better quality socks, and good socks can last longer.

6. The way of wearing is wrong, If the socks are lifted up tightly, it is easy to cause holes in the socks. There is no gap between the socks and the shoes, and the friction will increase.

The solution is to buy five socks with separated toes, or leave some space when wearing the toes.

7. Improper walking posture, this is the same as the daily walking habit, and special occupations, such as athletes, people who often exercise and run, Cause the socks to wear out.

The solution is to correct the wrong walking posture. If you find a small hole, sew it in time, and replace it if possible.

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It is important to look bright and beautiful on the outside, but inner underwear such as socks cannot be ignored. Because these personal clothes are in close contact with our skin and are related to our health, we must change and wash them regularly.