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Which socks are suitable for running?

2021-07-08 17:24:54

​Running can exercise your body,Many people have the habit of running in the morning and can start exercising with running shoes. However, some people find that they are not comfortable wearing running shoes. In fact, this is because you have not chosen the right socks,You should choose socks with good dehumidifying effect.

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What socks are suitable for running

In addition to absorbing sweat, running socks also have the function of wicking moisture. Professional runners will not wear 100% cotton socks for running, because pure cotton socks have poor sweat wicking effect. The "cotton + man-made fiber" socks will have better sweat-absorbing and moisture-wicking functions, such as cotton + polyester, quick-drying fiber, and olefin fiber. Socks of these materials can better absorb sweat, wick moisture, and dry quickly.

There is an important part of socks, the method of sewing the socks. Unqualified sports socks have uneven seams on the toes, which will wear out the feet after running for a long time, which greatly affects the comfort of running. Generally speaking, good running socks are all without seams. The toe of the socks is very smooth, no protrusions are found, and no threads are left, which reduces the probability of blisters due to friction.

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Many entry-level runners love to wear boat socks during summer runs, but many people basically have the same experience-every time they run, they have to squat down and pull socks. (Even if the heels have silicone rubber, they often fall off.) Therefore, when buying running socks, you must not be greedy for "short", but rather regular short and medium socks are more suitable for running.

Exercise or walking for a long time, without socks to protect the skin of our feet, it is easy to wear feet, causing foot injuries, and it is not conducive to walking. You can choose a low-leg sock that has good air permeability and fits right up to the ankle. (China ankle cotton sport socks wholesale) It is simple and fashionable, making people look tall and graceful.

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