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Under what circumstances must you wear socks for your baby?

2021-07-09 16:35:38

1. Newborns and premature babies cannot be barefoot

The thermoregulatory function of newborns and premature babies is not fully developed. Therefore, wearing a socks can play a role in keeping warm.

2. Air-conditioned rooms with too low temperature cannot be barefoot

The hot summer and the air conditioner are always inseparable, but for parents with small babies at home, it is absolutely not allowed to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low, It is easy for the baby to catch cold. When taking your baby to an air-conditioned place and you cannot control the temperature, wear a pair of socks for your baby, especially when sleeping in an air-conditioned room, it is best to put on socks for your baby.(baby socks manufacturer China)

3. Wear shoes and socks when going out to play

You must wear shoes and socks when you take your baby out, not to keep warm, but to prevent the baby's feet from being "invaded" by dust, bacteria, stones and other things. Therefore, the purpose of wearing shoes and socks is to protect the baby's little feet. If the environment is safe and hygienic, it is okay for the baby to have bare feet.

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4. Don't wear sandals barefoot

Wearing shoes barefoot means that the baby's little feet will directly touch the shoes and lose an effective layer of protection. Especially open-toed sandals, not wearing socks can easily cause foot injuries. Therefore, it is best to put on thin cotton socks for the baby.

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