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What we need to know when purchase baby socks?

2021-04-06 19:22:22

After the baby was born, parents put all their focus to the baby. Best food, best clothes, best care. The baby socks is also an essential item that parents care about. When parents are purchasing baby socks, that should they know?

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First,don’t buy baby socks that have too many loose thread. When buying baby socks, remember to turn the inside out to check if there are many loose thread. If the thread are too much, it may tangled the toes of the baby which is dangerous and uncomfortable.

Second, don’t buy baby socks that are too tight. The over tight socks will effect the blood circulation of the baby.

Third, don’t buy sock that made by orlon and nylon. These type of baby sock is not as breathable as cotton or woolen socks.

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Forth, don’t buy sock with too many color. The more colour on the socks, the more dye on it. Many baby like to eat their feet, they will eat the dye when they are eating their feet.

Fifth, don’t buy socks that sew in the foot tip. The sew on the foot tip will make the socks feel uncomfortable.

We know parents care about the baby so much, Ji Xing Feng provides all the baby socks that you need.