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What socks to keep warm in winter

2020-09-24 15:44:31

Wool socks with the strongest warmth are followed by rabbit fur socks. However, both of these socks are more prone to shed hair, depending on whether you can accept it.

Rabbit fur socks

The fiber is soft, fluffy, good in warmth retention, good in moisture absorption, but low in strength. Most of them are blended. Commonly used rabbit hair content is 70% rabbit hair and 30% nylon.

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Wool socks

Mainly composed of an insoluble protein, good elasticity, full hand feeling, strong moisture absorption capacity, good warmth retention, not easy to stain, soft luster, and excellent dyeability. Due to its unique milling property, it generally needs to undergo shrink-proof treatment Only then can the size of the fabric be guaranteed. The disadvantage is that sweaty feet are not easy to dry.

Combed cotton  socks

The most favorite for feet is a dry and warm environment, so the pure cotton texture that keeps warm and absorbs sweat has always been the best choice for socks. Especially combed cotton with longer fibers and less impurities has better warmth retention than general cotton.

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When choosing socks, pay attention to the distinction. Man-made fibers will feel slippery, while cotton is relatively rough. Open the socks and observe the surface. There are no brown spots or less, which is combed cotton. Generally, cotton socks will be added with acrylic in an appropriate amount to increase the elasticity of the socks. Socks with more cotton and less acrylic will have a soft hand feel, good moisture absorption, and will be more comfortable to wear.