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What should I pay attention to when dressing babies in spring?

2021-03-12 18:18:09

In spring, the climate is volatile.the temperature is unstable. Wearing more clothes will help your baby adapt to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, morning, night and night. So how to wear clothes correctly?

Temperature difference: The temperature difference between day and night is >8℃, indicating that the temperature is not stable, so you should not lose your clothes in a hurry, and be wary of the spring cold.

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Temperature: Keep it above 15℃, keep it for a week without losing clothes. After that, you can gradually reduce clothes for your baby.

Don't just wear too much, but according to the temperature changes indoors and outdoors, morning, midnight, and evening, dress your baby appropriately.

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Spring dressing principles

The thickness is moderate, and to avoid dry skin and allergies, you can directly choose sweat-absorbent and breathable cotton underwear.

Note 3 warm and cool:

1. Warm your baby's back: it can prevent diseases and reduce colds.

2. Warm belly: The baby's spleen and stomach are not yet fully developed, and cold will cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc. A warm abdomen can not only prevent diarrhea, but also promote digestion and absorption.

3. Warm your little feet: The feet have more nerves and are more sensitive to changes in external temperature. When there is a big temperature difference, wear cotton socks for your baby to keep your feet warm.(Terry Cotton Baby Socks on Sale Factory)

4. Head cold: most of the heat source of the baby's body comes from the head. In mild weather, keep your head dry and comfortable, and avoid sweating.

5. Chest cold: clothing that is too thick and tight can easily cause compression of the chest and affect the baby's breathing and heart function.