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The weather is hot, would you choose to wear socks?

2021-03-17 13:56:40

I believe that many friends don’t like to wear socks when the weather is hot. They wear flip-flops, sandals, single leather shoes, and even canvas shoes and sneakers. They think that not wearing socks will make their feet more comfortable and seem to be cooler. Because the socks are exposed to affect the matching, the stockings are easy to cause various embarrassments. Whether to wear it or not is really a question.

In fact, try not to wear shoes barefoot when the weather is hot, especially for those who are prone to skin allergies. It is best to choose thin cotton socks with good sweat absorption. (Walking Socks on Sale Factory China)

4 hidden health hazards of not wearing socks

Increase the chance of trauma and infection

Wearing shoes barefoot exposes a large amount of skin on the feet, and is often bruised or bitten by mosquitoes. If you walk too much, your feet will wear out bleeding blisters. Airborne germs adhere to the skin. If there are wounds on the skin, it can also cause infection.

The skin is directly "burned" by the sun

The ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, which destroys the skin cell tissue, accelerates the production of melanin, makes the skin pigmented, rough, loses its elasticity, and reduces the skin's resistance.

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Causes skin keratosis and dermatitis

Frequent direct contact between the foot and the shoe tends to make the stratum corneum of the heel, toe and other parts that often come into contact with the shoe become longer and thicker, which increases the chance of corpus calluses. In addition, some people wear shoes barefoot for a long time, and the instep, toes and other parts of the friction shoes are prone to skin redness, pimples, blisters and other symptoms. This is caused by skin allergies to leather, rubber and other shoe materials A type of contact dermatitis.

Prone to fungal infections

When the weather is hot, the feet are more prone to sweat, Wearing shoes directly, Without socks, the skin of the feet will be in close contact with sweat, which can easily cause foot diseases, especially shoes with poor ventilation such as plastic sandals and travel shoes, will make the skin of the feet soaked in sweat directly, and fungi are easy to grow in hot and humid environments , A fungal foot infection will occur.

Not wearing socks will have a bad effect on your health, such as athlete's foot, bacterial infections, and even skin redness, blisters and other symptoms. (JiXingFeng Heat Socks Supplier China) Wearing socks will bring you more benefits than disadvantages, so we need to correct the habit of not wearing socks.