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What should I do if the baby doesn't like to wear socks?

2021-03-22 18:18:21

Why do babies wear socks?

When babies’ skin is in contact with the external environment, some dirt such as dust and other harmful substances can invade the body through the delicate skin of the child, increasing the chance of infection. Wearing socks can play a clean and hygienic role and prevent mosquito bites.

Without socks, your baby's feet lose a layer of effective protection, especially when wearing open-toed sandals, it is easy to cause foot injuries. At the same time, not wearing socks will make the baby's tender feet skin dry and rough, and even form foot pads. If the shoe material and craft are contaminated by harmful chemicals, it will be very harmful if it comes into direct contact with the baby's tender skin that has incomplete detox function. (China Kids Hosiery Wholesales)

What to do if the baby doesn't like to wear socks

Baby's socks are more important than shoes, and more troublesome. The baby can wear socks without shoes, but not the other way around.When babies are about one year old, they don’t like to wear socks, which may be due to the following reasons:

1. In order to attract your attention, sometimes the adult is too busy and ignores him, he reminds you to pay attention;

2. He thinks this game is very fun, and the adult yells when he takes off his socks, which makes him feel very exciting, he She keeps taking it off and will laugh. The solution is that every time the baby takes off his socks, parents should not yell at him, dress him calmly, and tell him not to take off his socks. Cold weather will make him sick. It is best to put on shoes for him, and then give him a pair of socks. Toy diverts attention; 

3. Babies don't like to wear socks. You can buy pattern socks that your baby likes to increase your baby's interest in socks.( Kids Animals Socks on Sale Factory China) But be sure to wear suitable socks for your child. If the baby's socks are not suitable, it is easy to cause the baby to take off the socks.

In fact, regardless of the reason, the first thing that adults should do when encountering this kind of thing is to hold back their temper with the baby. After all, the baby needs the care of adults and is very comfortable.