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What should I do if my socks have static electricity?

2020-09-21 16:52:49

It is very easy to have static electricity when wearing socks in autumn and winter, it will be very uncomfortable to wear, and more static electricity is not good for our body.

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What should l do if my socks have static electricity?

1. If conditions permit, after discovering that the socks are charged with static electricity, it is best to change and wash the socks. This is the best way to remove static electricity.

2. If the socks with static electricity are not allowed to be changed or washed, you can wipe the clothes with a clean wet towel to remove the static electricity on the socks. You can also use a small sprayer to spray some water mist, which is more convenient and faster than wiping.

3. If you take off your socks while bathing and discover that your clothes have static electricity, you can also hang the clothes in a bathroom full of water vapor to eliminate static electricity. You can't hang them for a long time to prevent the clothes from getting wet.

4. You can also lean the clothes against the metal object connected to the earth, so that static electricity can be conducted to the earth through the metal object, such as a metal door.

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What material is good socks

Clothing made of pure cotton and silk materials can reduce the generation of static electricity, because cotton cloth does not cause static electricity when rubbed, while other chemical fiber products cause static electricity. The more chemical fiber products doped, the more static electricity is generated. Therefore, you should try not to buy socks with high chemical fiber content. Generally, this kind of socks not only has poor sweat absorption and deodorization function, but also has poor elasticity and shape retention.

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Antibacterial and antistatic socks: Main ingredients: cotton (antibacterial and disinfected), carbon fiber (increasing toughness), synthetic yarn (similar to spacesuit material, antistatic, especially soft and tough. Covered yarn (that is, chemical fiber), this kind of product Basically none in the market, and the price is too expensive.

Silk socks: It can reduce static electricity and is not easy to smelly feet, but real silk socks on the market are not very common, but there is a regret that silk socks are not very wear-resistant and are easy to break holes.

Cotton socks: especially after antibacterial treatment. The effect is good sweat absorption performance, sterilization, increase friction, softer, no smelly feet. Socks with high cotton content are not only good at absorbing sweat, but also economical and suitable for the general public.

In addition, anti-static detergent should be used when washing clothes. Similarly, the use of chemical fiber carpets, ornaments and plastic ornaments should be avoided as much as possible in the living room.