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What’s the reason of socks always broken and when should I change it?

2021-04-16 11:40:48

I believe that you can find at least one pair of broken socks in your closet. The socks always broken in the toes area and sole area. Will you change a pair of new one or still wear it? What is the frequency of changing socks?

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There are few reasons that why your socks broke.

1.Long toes nails. Your toe nail will rub the fabric while walking. As long as you don’t cut your nails, it will constantly rub your socks which make the fabric thinner until broken.
2.Wear one pair of socks only. If you only wear one pair of socks and don’t change it, the durability of the socks will reduce. The fabric and the elastic band will broke super quick which lead to a broken socks.
3.Didn’t wash the socks. The germs on the socks not only bad for your feet, but also bad for the socks fabric which made the socks delicate.
4.Bad quality socks. The quality of the socks also define the durability of the socks. Bad quality socks will broke easily.
5.Wrong walking posture. The wrong walking posture will make the socks rub more that lead to broken socks.
6.Wrong size shoes. The wrong size shoes will squeeze your or rub your feet and socks, which made the socks broke easily.

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It is better to change your socks once every three months. Even the socks didn’t broke, the old germs can’t be wash off normally. To change a pair of new socks is the best way. Plus, don’t wear a pair of socks more than three days which is bad for the socks fabric.