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What kind of socks to wear in spring (2)

Kobe Yin 2017-04-20 13:22:26
Spring should wear thin, mesh socks. When buying can refer to the socks of raw materials, quality.

1. the type of choice: the market for the sale of the main chemical fiber socks (nylon, card silk, thin shells, etc.), cotton socks and blended, intertwined, wool, silk stockings and so on. According to the season and foot, winter general selection of nylon stockings, towel socks; sweat feet, crack feet, cotton yarn or blended, mixed socks; summer wear elastic stockings, stockings, etc .; spring and autumn should wear thin shells, mesh socks and so on. Women wear skirts to wear stockings.

2. the size of the choice: socks size specifications is the bottom of the socks (referring to socks to socks point of the site) size as the standard. The general size is marked on the mark. According to the length of the feet selected equal or slightly larger size as well, should not choose small.

3, the quality of choice: According to the quality and appearance of the quality of socks are divided into first-class goods, second-class goods, third-class goods (both qualified) and other foreign goods. General choice of first-class goods, when asked not high can also use two, three goods.

4, the key parts of the choice: I), the choice of socks and socks with a large, into a bag-shaped, as close as possible to the foot type. Socks and heel size, will cause the emergence of socks hanging after socks, socks and slippery socks to the end of the phenomenon. Can not try to buy, as long as the socks and socks from the center line fold, the general socks and socks with 2: 3 is appropriate. II), socks density elasticity of the inspection: socks density to be large, horizontal pull nearly wide, good recovery. It is less flexible, horizontal pull is not easy to reset, but also cause socks to wear one of the reasons for the decline. III), check whether the seam connector is off the needle. General socks sewing is another process, sewing off the needle, wearing a mouth will be opened. When choosing, look at the seam from the seam, whether the needle is smooth off the needle. IV), check whether the hole, broken wire. Because socks are knitwear, there is a certain degree of flexibility and flexibility, generally broken wire, small holes are not easy to find. According to the process of the situation, stereotypes after the socks and socks and easy to touch it into a broken wire or hole. So the purchase of socks at the end of socks, socks on the edge of the stereotypes, gently horizontal view can be. V), socks length check. Because each pair of socks is optional, prone to unequal length, the general first-class goods should not be greater than 0.5CM each double.

5, regular products and miscellaneous quality identification: large-scale socks plant advanced equipment, process stability, the choice of raw materials, through the procedures of the checks, stable quality, performance in the appearance of uniform fabric density, thick, pure color, stereotypes Well, there are regular trademarks. Miscellaneous quality products, most of the simple equipment, manual operation, poor selection of raw materials, fabric is thin and uneven, small density, less glossy color, more defects, forming poor, there is no formal trademark.

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