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The wave of movement is coming, have you chosen the right sports socks?

Kobe Yin 2017-06-20 15:06:42
Sports fitness has now become a universal popular sport, both physical fitness, but also relax. Socks as the first protective layer of the foot, in all kinds of sports in the foot of the protection plays a vital role.

First, in the choice of materials, choose cotton texture. Cotton material is soft, absorbent, comfortable to wear, especially in picnic. The disadvantage is that cotton fiber wetting effect is not very good, cotton fiber wet after, dry very slowly, if the rainy summer for many days of activities, try not to wear cotton socks.

Second, the elasticity of sports socks is better. A good elastic socks skin, will not slip.

Third, sports socks are not thicker and better. According to the specific circumstances of the decision to choose thin or thick, in general, easy to sweat feet, should choose a little thick; the other hand, choose a little thin. Some sports, such as badminton, socks too thick affect the foot feeling, so buy a little thin. In addition, if the ankle injury, should wear thick socks, the ankle can play a fixed and protective effect.

Fourth, the special items to wear special sports socks. To participate in certain sports to wear special socks, some strong resistance to the project, such as football, socks have a high waist, the purpose is to protect the calf, the movement must not be ignored.

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