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What kind of socks are not prone to foot odor?

2021-02-23 15:23:33

Socks of any material will not prevent foot odor, after all, most of the cause of foot odor is caused by fungi on the feet, not socks.

Foot odor = foot sweat + bacteria. The odor comes from the secretion of bacteria. Socks can neither sterilize nor change sweat glands to prevent foot sweating, and thus cannot prevent foot odor.

If you ask what type of socks are suitable for the odor caused by sweating, (China High Quality Cotton Sock Supplier)Xiaoji suggests three points:

The first choice of socks

1. Choose cotton socks, which are better for moisture absorption and perspiration, and they are soft to wear

2. Bamboo fiber socks, green and healthy raw materials, but not easy to buy

3. Hemp socks are more wear-resistant, breathable and antibacterial, and are well received.

Second, pay attention to hygiene

Change socks frequently. Change socks every day, no more than two days. Shoes should not exceed one week. When washing shoes, socks, and feet, add some disinfectant to sterilize and sterilize the clothes.

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In fact, half of the source of foot odor is the toe joints, so those who can adapt to five-finger socks can try five-finger cotton socks. Separate several toes to increase breathability. The principle is to absorb sweat, breathe, and not stick to the skin. It can be seen from the formula of foot odor that it has certain benefits for foot odor. If you want to get rid of foot odor more thoroughly, you must do a lot of work in terms of sterilization and regulation of perspiration.

Foot horny cleaning

One point that is easy to overlook is to remove the cutin of the foot calluses. These cutin of the foot calluses are food for bacteria, and their habitat and reproduction base should be broken. Cut off the condition of foot odor, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbing footwear is only an improvement to the condition of foot sweat, and sterilization is needed throughout.

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Third disinfection

Sterilization after putting on shoes is always neglected. No matter how well other work is done, the sweaty feet will still breed bacteria and smell after wearing shoes for a day. The best thing to use at this time is foot odor powder. Sprinkle in the shoes can always inhibit the growth of bacteria and decompose the odor. It can also regulate perspiration, and will not leave any residue after natural dissolution. In summer, it is inconvenient to sprinkle in your shoes or in your socks. The effect of regulating foot odor and perspiration is obvious.