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Precautions for the use of bamboo fiber socks

2021-02-20 18:15:44

Socks are daily necessities that we touch every day. Some low-cost socks look beautiful and feel good, but they may actually be produced from waste materials or low-quality chemical dyes. Some chemical dyes also contain carcinogens such as aniline. People who use such socks for a long time will seriously damage the skin and endanger their health.

Bamboo Fiber Socks in China can be regarded as a truly environmentally friendly green product. Most of bamboo grows in the beautiful nature, and is rarely polluted by pesticides and harmful substances. Physical methods are used in the process of raw material extraction and production, without any chemical components, and no pollution. Therefore, bamboo fiber has the characteristics of harmless and pollution-free.  Is a truly environmentally friendly, functional green fibers.

Precautions for the use of bamboo fiber socks

1. Use warm water when washing.
2. Use alkaline detergents such as soap as little as possible for bamboo fiber socks, and do not use strong alkaline and strong acid.
3. Do not knead hard, gently knead back and forth.
4. After washing, do not twist it forcefully, hold it with your hand to squeeze out the water.
5. Bamboo fiber socks are very absorbent, so socks should be replaced frequently
6. Trim your toenails frequently.
7. When wearing, the socks should be turned down, and after putting on the toes, turn the socks up and back. Do not push hard.

China Bamboo Fiber Socks Manufacturer

How to choose bamboo fiber socks

1. Look at the color: good quality bamboo fiber socks have a bright appearance and high color fastness. They will not be easily decolored due to washing and sun exposure. The poor ones will have a dull color, or have obvious color differences, or easily decolorize.
2. Smell: The high-quality bamboo fiber socks have a fresh smell and a slight fresh taste of bamboo, and the bad ones will smell of chemical medicine.
3. Hand feel: The product with high bamboo fiber content will have a very fine and smooth hand feel, otherwise it will feel rough and astringent, and pilling.
4. Look at the ashes: there is no black smoke when the silk thread is drawn out and there is only a little white ashes, while the poor silk thread has a lot of smoke when it burns.
5. Look at shrinkage: The bamboo fiber socks of poor quality will shrink greatly after washing, the appearance is deformed, and the size is reduced.
6. Regarding the workmanship: most of the poor bamboo fiber socks are not made fine enough, the seams are obvious, and the jumpers are often broken.