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How much do you know about the harm of socks to the human body?

2021-02-05 11:42:20

Many people think that socks are consumables and that socks will be changed frequently. They are reluctant to spend money on good socks. They would rather buy a lot of cheap socks, because they will not feel distressed if they are worn out. But these inconspicuous socks are likely to be invisible health killers!

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-4 hazards of socks-

①The socks are not wear-resistant and will scratch the feet

In life, socks often break after being worn for a few days. Such socks are not qualified for abrasion resistance. This not Wear-resistant socks are made of low-grade materials. Wearing such socks can also scratch the feet.

② Fading seriously hurts and harms human health

How to judge the quality of socks, the serious degree of socks fade is a major factor. The discoloration of socks is related to the addition of various dyes, auxiliaries and other finishing agents in the process of printing and dyeing and finishing. These chemical agents will bring great health risks to the body over time.

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③Excessive formaldehyde aromatic amines can easily cause allergies and inflammation

In the production process of socks, a large amount of alkali-containing substances are used, and they are thoroughly washed before leaving the factory. Some socks are of low quality, and they may not be fully cleaned before leaving the factory, and the final pH value will be very high. The presence of formaldehyde in socks is far more terrifying than in clothing. This is because the sweat glands, blood vessels, and nervous system on the soles of human feet are very developed. When the feet discharge some body fluids, these body fluids may cause the decomposition of dyes. In addition, the harmful substances in the socks are not easy to spread, and they will continue to rub against the feet, increasing the impact on the skin.

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④Tight socks can easily lead to increased blood pressure

In recent years, most of the socks produced by sock factories are too tight, often tightening the ankles, and even having red marks. 

Qu Jing, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Knitting Association, said that she has heard many people report this problem, especially middle-aged and elderly people, the circulation of the lower limbs is not good, and the local compression of the socks on the ankle often leads to an increase in blood pressure, and even in severe cases, it may even induce the heart. disease. "Compared with the past, modern people have a fatter body shape and thicker ankles. It is difficult to choose suitable socks. The previous standards of the socks industry are no longer applicable. It is urgent to revise the new size standards."

Therefore, when choosing socks in the future, you should choose good quality socks. Don't always choose some cheap socks, so as not to bring more damage to the body.