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What are the properties of silk stockings?2

Kobe Yin 2018-05-04 09:23:16
A lot of people think, silk stockings as long as there are no holes, there is no need to buy good.In fact, the function of silk socks besides dress up the legs, a pair of high quality silk stockings (women silk socks factory) should also consider health, have excellent use performance.

And high quality socks should have strong adhesion, together with the skin, even in the knee, popliteal fossa, not a trace of wrinkles, like a second skin, and silk stockings transparent uniform color, strong hiding power, make the skin looks more delicate, glossy;And the inferior silk socks wear on the body will feel unconvinced.

High quality silk socks (silk stockings manufacturers) should be through the extension of heat processing, make it more resistant to reel off raw silk from cocoons, heating wire is more has the anti-static function, don't suck the dust adsorption skirt also can avoid embarrassing;And ordinary silk stockings are easy to hook bad, and adsorption dust and hemline, not only affect beautiful, also be unfavorable to protect skin.

But when choosing, also should according to oneself economic strength, measure according to one's ability.Silk stockings also have the function of maintaining normal body temperature and keeping the body clean.After long socks wear, the dirt that accumulates is easy to break down and send out strong stench, should be washed frequently to change, in order to maintain the comfortable and clean sanitation of the foot ministry.

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