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What are the properties of silk stockings? 1

Kobe Yin 2018-05-03 09:37:18
A lot of people think, silk stockings as long as there are no holes, there is no need to buy good.In fact, the function of silk socks besides dress up the legs, a pair of high quality silk stockings (silk stockings suppliers) should also consider health, have excellent use performance.

High quality silk socks first has breathable function, even in the summer can expel muggy moisture, let you no longer have the trouble of sticky skin with sweat, let skin and air free contact;And inferior silk socks make sweat hole can not be diastolic, affect sweat to discharge, the skin metabolite product of sweat fluid, can stimulate the skin to itch, occurrence skin inflammation.

Second high quality silk socks should be flexible, tighten up the leg fat, make the leg ministry line more beautiful, also can effectively prevent varicose veins, especially extend to abdomen elastic should be more strong, help to tighten the lower abdomen, shape perfect shape;Ordinary silk stockings do not have such a function.

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