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What are terry socks?What are the advantages of terry socks?

2021-08-06 11:06:50

Terry socks are commonly known as towel socks. Turn the socks upside down and you will see that they are covered with hairy loops, which are like a face towel. Therefore, they are called terry socks or towel socks. The terry socks are thicker and have a towel-like terry on the bottom of the feet, which is very suitable for people with sweaty feet and friends who love sports.

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What are the advantages of terry socks?

1. Cushioning, there are more people running now. In fact, in addition to shoes, socks can also make a certain contribution to cushioning, which can reduce foot shock and friction caused by strenuous exercise.

2. Keep warm, full-terry socks can keep warm well. Terry socks will be especially warm and comfortable when worn in winter. The terry on the soles of the feet walks like stepping on a carpet, soft and slightly elastic.

3.There is also a kind of semi-terry boat socks especially suitable for summer and autumn. It is breathable and sweat-absorbent, super wear-resistant, elastic and not easy to burst!

Semi-terry socks only have loops on the bottom of the socks, and the instep is thin。Because the loop structure of the bottom of the socks forms a natural breathable layer, each loop is like a breathable sweat pore, so it is more breathable than thin cotton socks; thick loops at the bottom of the sock form a buffer layer , So that the sock is not easy to burst, so it is particularly strong.

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The most important point is to absorb sweat, It is unlikely that your feet will not sweat in summer. The comfort and uncomfortable socks are mainly due to their sweat absorption. The sweat absorption capacity of terry socks is several times that of ordinary socks! Wearing half-terry socks in summer will make your feet drier! More comfortable!

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