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Can the baby wear socks to sleep?

2021-08-10 16:01:07

Some mothers are worried that the baby will catch a cold while sleeping, or are afraid that the baby will kick the quilt. In fact, it is best not to wear socks for your baby to sleep. Wearing socks to sleep will hinder blood circulation and affect your baby's sleep quality.

For babies, sleeping comfort is very important. Wearing socks and gloves while sleeping is certainly a good way to keep warm in winter, but because it hinders blood circulation, the skin's metabolism is slow and it is easy to dry the skin. And you should try to make your baby's little hands and feet touch objects as much as possible, so that the baby's tactile nerves can develop well. Wearing socks is not conducive to the baby's contact with the outside world, and it is very uncomfortable to sleep in a restraint, and it is not easy for the baby to adapt.

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Precautions for babies to wear socks

Putting socks on your baby at ordinary times can protect your baby's feet, avoid skin damage due to friction on the ground, and keep your feet clean. However, don’t forget the precautions for your baby to wear socks.

1. New socks cannot be worn directly: Young parents should not ignore the smoothness of the inner surface of the socks. The socks you bought should be turned over and cut off all the threads inside to prevent the threads from tangling the toes and causing ischemia and even necrosis.

2. Babies who can't walk also need to wear socks: if babies don't wear socks, their feet are easy to catch a cold and catch a cold, and they are also easy to kick their feet because of disorderly movement, which can damage their feet. Wearing socks can reduce damage and prevent mosquito bites.

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3. Summer babies also need to wear socks: In the hot summer, the indoor air-conditioning is turned on. The baby likes to walk barefoot on the floor. It is easy to catch cold without wearing socks; in addition, let the baby barefoot, if not properly protected, it is easy to get small feet Injuried.

4. There are many types of socks. It is recommended that mothers prepare two kinds of socks for babies in autumn and winter. In the cold winter, you can wear wool socks for your baby. Be careful not to choose socks that contain acrylic material. They can contain a small amount of Lycra, but the main ingredients must also be cotton and wool.

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