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What are deodorant socks?

Kobe Yin 2018-03-02 09:31:27
With the application of new technology, new technology, new materials, the sock market changes to the functionality and professional development, the selection of materials and increase the technology content is the embodiment of socks(sport deodorant socks suppliers) market change.

Nowadays, in the new society of the 21st century, science and technology are developing constantly, people are more concerned about their health after busy work, and the function of socks is most valued by consumers.Therefore, under such a change, the company has specially developed a nano-silver-antibacterial anti-odor hose with national patent, aiming at consumers' needs.

                       women deodorant socks factory

1. Use nano-silver antibacterial materials to effectively prevent bacterial proliferation and antibacterial technology to obtain national patents, and the antibacterial effect is aaa!

2. Select xinjiang natural combing cotton, the fabric is delicate and soft, smooth can't afford the ball, moisture absorption and perspiration, effectively relieve foot stink!

3. Cold and hot water can be washed!

4. Different from the bubble liquid socks in the market to stimulate the skin, the jiantian anti-skid socks can be dissolved into 0 by skin irritation, skin allergy test and antibacterial substances.

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