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Varicose veins Socks

Kobe Yin 2016-10-22 15:40:44

Varicose veins socks is a product with the function of promoting venous return blood. It is a kind of medical treatment instrument, a kind of medical apparatus for treating varicose vein disease. It is not common socks, it is a powerful role and distribution of the ankle in the establishment of the maximum support pressure, down the leg down gradually in the calf to reduce the maximum pressure value of 70% -90% reduction in the thigh To the maximum pressure value of 25% -45%, this decline in pressure changes can lower venous blood reflux, effectively alleviate or improve the lower extremity venous and venous valves under pressure. Through the State Food and Drug Administration strict examination and approval of the "varicose socks" to prevent and mitigate the effect of varicose veins, but not the role of treatment. When the traffic valve damage, mild swelling of the medial malleolus, skin itching and pigmentation and other symptoms, the need to the hospital.

This stockings are usually Lycra, nylon and other materials. According to the shape can be divided into long tube (top to the thigh root), short tube (top to knee) and pantyhose 3 (in addition to anti-arm varicose veins). Purchase, according to the thickness of the legs, choose size.

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