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How to buy the right socks (one) ?

Kobe Yin 2016-10-21 17:13:43

Do not look at small socks, but want to buy a pair of appropriate is not easy. In this regard, the United States Deli Max Socks expert group made the following recommendations:

1. Do not choose wool socks. This material socks absorbent effect is not good, easy to make your feet in a wet state, causing blisters. Under normal circumstances, the best choice for cotton socks, but if you go to exercise, it is recommended to buy corduroy material socks, absorbent effect is better.

2. Fit and size is very important. Socks should be fully fit, should not be too tight or too loose. Socks are too large, extra fiber will increase the friction and damage the skin of the feet.

3. Note the fiber density. Buy socks, you should pay attention to socks fiber density, too loose is not recommended to buy. Preferred to cotton-based, plus the amount of elastic fiber socks.

4. Color and shoes as far as possible, the purchase of children's socks preferred light-colored, the more vivid colors, which add more chemical composition.

As we all know, the foot is the "second heart." Therefore, the election of the pair of socks than to wear shoes is more important.

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