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Socks production process

Sandy 2016-10-21 17:03:25

I believe that most people, for the socks are not unfamiliar, but you understand the birth of a sock is like? Here I have to tell you a sock to go through what procedures can be perfectly displayed in front of everyone.

Step one, raw materials. Raw materials department according to customer needs, choose different colors, different materials of raw materials. And these raw materials are environmentally friendly, soft natural fibers.

Step two, weaving. Weaving workshop raw materials prepared by the raw materials into the machine above, according to customer requirements to do the pattern in the computer which enter the pattern and process, press the START button on the machine, you can start weaving.

Step three, sewing head. Socks off the machine or semi-finished products, need to socks to the seam head, put the place sealed toe socks.

Step four, check socks. Socks sealed head, the need to test the quality of socks, check socks socks are broken, holes, miscellaneous lines and other flaws.

Step five, stereotypes. Socks off the machine is not fixed after the shape, need to socks set in the socks, after high temperature and pressure to make socks after molding. In the shaping department, there are a variety of socks, to meet your different needs.

Six step. packaging. The existence of the packaging department is like wearing socks to wear beautiful clothes, the United States and the United States to dress socks "marry out."

Well, this is the socks production process. Our company is prefessional socks supplier in China. We are custom socks China factory,OEM socks supplier and cotton socks supplier China.