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How to buy the right socks (two) ?

Kobe Yin 2016-10-22 15:55:13

Do not look at small socks, but want to buy a pair of appropriate is not easy. In this regard, the United States Deli Max Socks expert group made the following recommendations:

1. To consider their use and wearing objects, such as daily wear comfortable, breathable, sports wear to be soft, wear-resistant; sweaty feet who should buy both breathable and moisture-absorbing cotton socks, foot crackers on the election The purchase of polyester socks and nylon socks with poor hygroscopicity; children socks to try to choose simple organizational structure, light color, smooth surface of the socks, do not choose to have a dotted line exposed socks.

2. In the washing socks, must not be forced to rub, to prevent socks in the strong friction after the socks silk slide or broken wire; washing socks water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, or socks will shrink after heat, socks smaller, and even Will make the socks hardening, deterioration. In order to maintain the original shiny socks, it is best not to use too much soap with alkali, as long as the hand gently rub, rinse with water, cool and ventilated place on the dry.

As we all know, the foot is the "second heart." Therefore, the election of the pair of socks than to wear shoes is more important.

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