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Medical decompression elastic stockings

Kobe Yin 2016-10-23 17:22:39

Medical decompression elastic stockings is a kind of venous blood circulation to promote the heart function of products, materials for the United States Du Banglai card, nylon filament.


Standard varicose socks production standards for the top of the (waist) strong, covering part of the hip than the legs thick. The crotch is also made of stronger material, usually made of cotton. Legs and feet, to the toes are made with the thinnest weave, thick at the toe to be repaired.


A pair of specially designed, quality control of medical elastic stockings, mainly by its progressive pressure gradually increased by the ankle, contraction of calf muscles, to sculpture leg type, landscaping curve, improve radish legs and prevent varicose veins. Medical sequential decompression stretch socks in the ankle to establish the highest support pressure, along the leg up gradually decreased in the calf to the maximum pressure value of 70% -90%, in the thigh to reduce the maximum pressure value of 25% -45 This diminishing change in pressure allows the venous return of the lower limbs, effective relief or improvement of lower extremity venous and venous valves under pressure.


Long standing / sedentary workers - leg vein blood due to the effects of gravity in the lower half, resulting in heavy leg fatigue or swelling, severe or even veins surfaced, in order to maintain the beauty of the legs, be sure to early prevention , Wearing elastic socks, to prevent the occurrence of possible!


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