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Types and functions of sports headbands

2021-11-08 10:53:17

Common sports headbands are made of elastic blended materials or quick-drying fabrics. Generally this kind of fabric will be softer and not too tight. There are also some thin headbands that are easier to fall off during exercise because of the small area of ​​force. In order to enhance the anti-slip effect, a non-slip silicone design is added to the inside of the headband, which may feel a little tight during wearing.

Blended material towel hairband: The biggest feature of this kind of towel hairband is sweat absorption. The best material is pure cotton, but the pure cotton material has the characteristic that it will become hard after washing many times, which is very uncomfortable for sports.

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Silicone hairband: The biggest feature of silicone hairband is that it is non-slip, environmentally friendly, resistant to high temperature, high heat and non-toxic. It is involved in many fields. Generally, there is a layer of non-slip glue inside, which of course will not stick to the hair, but is non-slip.

Ordinary rubber band headband: This kind of headband is nylon rubber band with various patterns printed on it. It is also very firm to wear on the head. In fact, it is a circle of rubber bands, but it is more admirable. It is beautifully printed with various trend letter patterns. , Also suitable for people who love fashion very much.

Types of sports headbands

1. Wide version headband
Suitable for people with a wide forehead, one can cover the hairline, and the other can make the face look smaller. The disadvantage is that it will change after a long time. It is recommended to determine your head circumference before buying, and then refer to the length given in the product details for selection.

2. Mini headband
Mini headbands are mainly suitable for people with small faces and short hair. As mentioned earlier, because the area of ​​the mini headband is relatively small, it is easier to fall off during exercise. In order to avoid such embarrassing things from happening, some products have a silicone design on the inside. The fall off may be avoided, but it will be relatively tight. Everyone should pay attention to the material of the product during the selection process.

Sports headband effect

1. The sports headband can fix the hair, prevent the hair from covering the eyes, and make the field of vision more open. Has a good sweat absorption function. The head sweats a lot during strenuous exercise, and the temperature is quite different from the outside temperature. Wearing a sports sun hat will make you feel stuffy, so the headband becomes the best choice.

3. In football matches, because athletes often take off and compete for the top, the wider headband is easy to slip off to cover the eyes during the top contest, so the headband of football players will be thinner.

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How to wear sports headband

1. Push the prepared headband to the largest arc and put it around your neck.

2. After finishing your short hair, slowly stroke the hair band up to your forehead, and adjust it to the most comfortable and most suitable position for your face.

Note: Make sure that the top hair can be fluffy and upright. If the top hair collapses due to the headband, it must be adjusted correctly. If you buy a wide headband, you can consider putting your ears inside. If it is a narrow headband, it is better to expose your ears.