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How to choose pregnant women's socks

2021-11-09 16:13:50

Many pregnant women consciously choose maternity clothes and maternity shoes during pregnancy, but they often neglect the correct choice of socks. It is not advisable to wear ordinary socks during pregnancy, especially tight socks.

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So how do pregnant moms choose socks?

During pregnancy, due to the compression of the uterus, the venous pressure of the lower extremities is significantly increased, and the vein walls are loosened. Mothers-to-be are prone to varicose veins or hemorrhoids in the lower extremities and vulva.

1. Appropriate standard: mother-to-be’s socks, whether they are stockings or socks, should not be too tight, especially in the late pregnancy. Should choose loose socks, do not choose too tight socks, because women will experience body edema in the later stages of pregnancy.

If there are protruding "green tendons" in the calf and local swelling and pain, and the ankle is obviously swollen, one touch of a fingerprint is mostly because the socks are too tight. It should be replaced in time for comfortable and sweaty cotton socks.

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2. When choosing socks for pregnant mothers, try to pick cotton socks with strong water absorption, so that they are not easy to slip.

3. Elastic stockings can be selected, divided into pantyhose, half stockings and stockings. Its special elastic compression weave method for thigh expansion and the strengthened backflow weave method from the calf to the instep can effectively prevent varicose veins and have a slight Medical efficacy.

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Nowadays, many women will consciously choose maternity clothes and close-fitting underwear during pregnancy, but many women may neglect the choice of socks. When choosing maternity clothes, they should pay attention to the selection of socks.