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Top 10 worst sock wearing behaviors 3

Kobe Yin 2018-12-19 15:01:21
No. 8: wear socks of different lengths

Characteristics: this problem is more female.Some women wearstockings all year round because they have heavier hair on their legs.Somefriends, on the other hand, are socks.

Disadvantages: mainly affects urinary tract and emotion.

Remind: want to wear socks differently according to timeoccasion, should wear long socks to grow socks, conversely also inverse, mustnot with a penetration.

No. 9: wear socks regardless of the occasion

Characteristics: socks and shoes are the same, to distinguishbetween occasions.Don't wear casual socks for formal occasions, and don't wearformal socks for casual occasions.

Disadvantages: it mainly affects the fortune and leads to badfortune in many aspects.

Warning: wear socks by occasion and by feature.

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No.10. A pair of socks for all seasons

Characteristics: four seasons a pair of socks refers to the samesocks wear for a year.Men are more likely to commit it.

Malpractice: affect money luck and affection, bring about smallperson a lot of, the result often is not satisfactory.

Reminder: back up socks of different styles and colors.

To sum up:

Socks are a litmus test of a man's fortune, which his friendsshould take seriously.When to wear what formal socks or casual socks, when towear what color of socks, when to wear cotton socks, silk socks, or when towear stockings, socks, socks or socks, etc., we need to take seriously.If youfor a long time, your luck is not ideal, including career, financial,emotional, marriage, health and so on is not good, then in addition to theanalysis of conditioning other problems, good to look down at your feet, whatsocks are wearing?Remember: good things don't come with the wrong socks.

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