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Top 10 worst sock wearing behaviors 2

Kobe Yin 2018-12-17 10:58:26
To some friends, wearing socks seems like a small thing, in fact, wearing socks is a big thing.Little do they know, a lot of male and female friends wear socks inadvertently in the passage of a lot of good opportunities.Because of this, from the perspective of traditional Chinese numerology, there is also a particular need to wear socks, which cannot be done at will. Otherwise, it may have a bad impact on people's luck, health and emotions.Here are the top 10 worst socks to wear today:

No. 5: wear someone else's socks(custom mens socks suppliers

Characteristic: wear the socks that other people wear is like wearing the underwear that other people wear, it is absolutely not ok.

Malpractice: affect affection marriage, often easy to have the bad luck of peach blossom.It also has an impact on fertility.

Remind: own socks oneself wear, neither can wear others', also don't wear the socks that oneself wear to others, can bring trouble oneself and others otherwise.

No. 6: wear socks that don't match colors

Feature: not wearing socks according to your lucky color.For example, some female numerology likes black, but she always wears red socks and so on.

Malpractice: affect fortune, often have villain in the work, have trouble in the life.

Remind: should accord with oneself numerology happy color comes to wear sock, must not follow the example of others.

Number 7:  wear dirty socks(custom mens socks factory

Characteristic: socks dirty still continue to wear.This problem is more prominent in boys.

Case: a typical case is that a student has the habit of wearing ten pairs of socks dirty, and then does not wash the socks, and "smells" a pair of socks from ten pairs of dirty socks to wear again.

Malpractice: great influence luck, often bad luck.

Warning: wear clean socks and never put dirty socks in your feet.

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