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Top 10 worst sock wearing behaviors 1

Kobe Yin 2018-12-15 13:22:37
To some friends, wearing socks (custom mens socksmanufacturers)seems like a small thing, infact, wearing socks is a big thing.Little do they know, a lot of male andfemale friends wear socks inadvertently in the passage of a lot of goodopportunities.Because of this, from the perspective of traditional Chinesenumerology, there is also a particular need to wear socks, which cannot be doneat will. Otherwise, it may have a bad impact on people's luck, health andemotions.Here are the top 10 worst socks to wear today:

No. 1: wear socks (men socks cotton factory) out of season

Feature: wear thicker socks in summer and silk socks inwinter.There are more women in this situation.

Malpractice: affect health, often easy to get gynecologicaldiseases and urinary system problems.

Remind: should accord with the season to wear socks, must not goagainst the tide.

No. 2: anti-gender socks

No. 3: wear socks that are not original

No. 4: wearing worn socks

In summary:

Socks are a litmus test of a man's fortune, which his friendsshould take seriously.When to wear what formal socks or casual socks, when towear what color of socks, when to wear cotton socks, silk socks, or when towear stockings, socks, socks or socks, etc., we need to take seriously.If youfor a long time, your luck is not ideal, including career, financial,emotional, marriage, health and so on is not good, then in addition to theanalysis of conditioning other problems, good to look down at your feet, whatsocks are wearing?Remember: good things don't come with the wrong socks (men socks cotton suppliers and manufacturers.