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Tianjin Trade and Industry Bureau test 16 batches of socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2018-01-26
Recently, Tianjin Trade and Industry Bureau in the circulation of the nominal Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai, Tianjin and other six provinces and municipalities 16 companies production and distribution of 16 batches of socks to carry out quality monitoring. According to the relevant standards, the focus of the detection of 11 indicators. The main problem is the two batches of fiber content indicators, two batches of straight / horizontal extension of the index, a batch of color fastness to wash indicators and resistance to friction color fastness indicators failed.Jixingfeng  the socks knitting specialist,school socks factory.

On the monitoring found that the unqualified socks, the business sector has ordered the inspection and distribution units to stop selling, and according to the law to deal with. If the consumer finds that the operator continues to sell unqualified socks, please call 12315 to report, the industrial and commercial authorities will be severely punished according to law.

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