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These workout socks are consistent high praise than any other pair — here's why

Kobe Yin 2017-02-25 16:41:38

Hitting the pavement is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood, but that runner's high doesn't last.

Runners are prone to getting swollen legs, shin splints, and more serious conditions, like achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis, which can become a burden on and off the treadmill.

If you want to protect your body from injuries and make the most of your runs, you might want to pick up some compression socks. Made with a variety of textiles, like cotton, spandex, and nylon, compression socks help increase circulation and reportedly minimizes soreness.

Unlike other options, which hit your mid-calves or ankles, these socks rest nicely below the knee so they'll help keep calf cramps and shin splints at bay. There's additional support around the toes and heels, which is ideal for running on a rough terrain.

If you're concerned these long socks will weigh you down during those sprints, don't be. Not only are these socks made out of a lightweight nylon, they also boast moisture-wicking properties.

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