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Colour socks

Kobe Yin 2017-02-28 10:47:33

The proportion of the transition of the colour socks to make the whole with a clear level. Do not worry about the brilliant colors will turn you into a circus clown, in fact, the color of the mix is very simple, is still to avoid the body appears more than three colors on the complete ok friends. Selection of color with the same color stockings, is the most simple, and easy to make mistakes a good way.

Colorful socks, any kind of color you want can be found almost, so that dull clothing bright, so that your legs more colorful, but in the mix must pay attention to your leg is not slim Straight, there is the overall match is not a response, do not let color stockings look too abrupt, and counterproductive.

Red stockings can make the whole dress up bright, blue very intellectual, yellow can be enriched, sweet pink to make the dress more fun.

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