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Colour stocking - collocation method

Kobe Yin 2017-03-04 10:52:08

To the pink, green lotus, olive green, orange, purple, water blue, silver and other dazzling color stockings to wear a good look, bear the brunt of the clothing color to get the law. Only in this way, the color socks can "point pretty" body dress. The rules of its accessories are as follows:

Tulip with skirt - different objects, different occasions have different requirements. Skirt fluttering, jade legs Pavilion, the most fashion sense is dark green, purple or from shallow to deep brown stockings, which is good at winning the young white collar, can be described as just right; middle-aged white-collar skirt, cruising in the cold color In the more solemn, elegant; iron gray, deep purple, forest green color socks steady decent, suitable for mature women wearing.

Stockings tone - should be echoed with the color of the coat. Such as skirts, blouses and stockings with the stockings are cool, if the conservative point, skirt and coat can be similar to the cool; if bold, skirt can be warm (slightly lower brightness), but the coat must be cool Micro contrast color; and vice versa. Only this does not make the stockings too garish. If the pattern in the clothing selected monochrome, echoed with the color of socks, but also make the pattern design in color socks to continue.

Stockings and accessories - color to be consistent. Color special socks section, with the belt, towel trim to maintain the same color, it is a holistic strategy.

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