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Colorful pantyhose wear advice

Kobe Yin 2017-03-06 10:49:48

Thin pantyhose pants, wear to the top of the knee without the wire in the tube socks, long socks, stock patterns through the stockings, with pad pad socks ... ... Recently, whether it is ordinary core silk, socks, lace stockings, or nowadays popular pressure socks, stovepipe socks, are invariably used up the color.

"This year the stockings have a variety of candy color, a female customer about to buy a few hundred it, she said she often participated in the ball, even if it is very common clothes, for a pair of socks, the effect will be quite different. A sock dress of the salesperson introduced.

Different material styles vary

Different styles of stockings interpretation of the style is completely different. "Candy color of the small stockings can express the spring of the matte finish, it dressed out of the style is very like a small princess; Color small short thread socks to the calf, the most suitable for sports casual dress; Long socks more than the stockings feel more; Those with color rendering, with a small floral, small five-star, Mickey Mouse, small rose, leopard color in the tube color socks more suitable for Mature. "

In addition, "this year also popular pearl socks, imitation leather socks, abdomen mention hip socks, stovepipe socks. Pearl socks to light gray-based, because the addition of bright wire, wear a bright feeling; imitation leather socks fabric special, suitable for tall girls.

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