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MAMBA antibacterial deodorant socks

Kobe Yin 2017-03-09 13:31:24

For girls, what kind of socks to wear no matter what, but for men there is a big doorway. Sometimes the importance of a pair of socks can be called the head of the whole body of the finishing touch, wear may not play a role, wear the wrong ... ... For example, you are a gray suit with a pair of white socks, and girlfriend To the beach, just off the shoes, socks loose ... ....

Here to focus on men, surgery industry specializing in, really buy socks, then we must buy a special brand to do socks. This is not much in the country, so you walk in the street to see a person's taste, see shoes, look at the socks to see how this person.

1. business people: this type of crowd is generally attended a very grand occasion or meeting, the appearance of the responsibility to leave the first impression, so all aspects have to be noted. Recommend a special business men socks brand: MAMBA / Mamba, their tone is very stable and conservative, its packaging can be said to be "amazing", it is suitable for people.

2. sports people: sports shoes with socks more easily. But must pay attention to two points, first, clean. No matter what brand of socks, must be clean! Second, the color. Sports occasions on the slightly random, but this occasion to make friends are generally no utilitarian, interested friends, the details of the where to do are important. Sports field white socks most wild, but also the most fashionable. It is recommended to buy some of the quality of white socks, ground wash, the old bad throw is not a pity.

All in all, no matter what to wear is to be comfortable, the second is to understand that you are wearing, all represent your class and taste.

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