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China ChuanCheng socks Museum

Kobe Yin 2017-03-10 11:37:55

The ChuanCheng socks museum is socks pay equal attention to history, culture, art, connects collection, exhibition, research, tourism, entertainment, public education and cultural exchanges in an integrated folk intangible cultural museum, is China's first museum of socks.

Pass the ChuanCheng socks museum which planning rich and colorful, mainly divided into the "big five subject two plates seven sections, socks development history and culture, the system introduced in this collection of all over the world highly representative treasures than thousands of pieces, from the Angle of socks, tells the story of one thousand to the development process of human civilization.

Comprehensive display

Socks in world history development to show the main shaft, in different development period of socks collection as an ornament, form the timeline display effect, reveal the deep and thick socks cultures around the world.

To the first pair of socks enlightenment, leads the history of the development of socks around the world, such as Europe, Japan, China, and then from time to elaborate on the various regions of the region has a positive significance of the legend, three-dimensional display of the world socks development axis , And through a very representative collection of treasures multidimensional exposition, so that visitors seem to be in that era, appreciate the unique charm of sock culture. At the same time through a region, the period of the strange collection of cultural connotations of the pieces or themes of the form, take you to appreciate the artistic charm of socks culture.

Brand exhibition

Introduce the world famous socks brand culture and development, many internationally renowned socks brand here, let you know more about the same socks side. One of the most well-known Armani Armani, Calvin Paul, YVES SAINT LAURENT Saint Laurent, DAKS Dakos, Dior Dior and other eight world famous brand new and old socks will be displayed one by one, where the ancient socks, Technology socks, fashion industry and the charm of refraction art charm socks handicrafts, these collections reflect the world socks culture of the grand occasion, is a sock technology and culture frontier exchange platform.

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