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Throw away your shoes, this pair of socks can give you a wonderful experience

Kobe Yin 2017-02-24 15:11:57

For people who love sports, there are several pair of sports shoes, shoe ark, always little not mountain hiking shoes, running running shoes, dance and special shoes.But, no matter what kind of shoes, they all have one common: blocking the feet and the ground contact!Although now sneakers are more and more breathable light, but by barefoot comfort, or worse.

In order to let users to abandon heavy shoes, Barefoot from Swiss company launched a can be used as the shoe socks, socks, known as the is more hard than the steel, the purpose is to bring the user experience like Barefoot.

This kind of socks with wool fiber and 46.5% Dyneema fiber woven, add the PVC sole at the bottom of the socks, at the same time on my feet the user can do outdoor activities of various kinds of high strength.Each pairs of socks has a waterproof bag, and takes to tie my shoe time can put them on.

Dyneema ultra high tensile and abrasion resistance, allowing users to wearing socks comfort for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as diving, rock climbing, surfing and so on.

Dyneema the characteristics of soft, lightweight, let socks wear on the foot is very light and comfortable, with bare feet.For users like long-distance running, put on this pair of socks can clearly feel the difference between it and the shoes.

Dyneema characteristic of the thermal conductivity and hydrophobic, the foot can be evacuated heat out.Users can discover, footsteps fever was sweating, under the function of heat dissipation of socks, feet have cool down.Socks also has a waterproof surface, and can quickly become dry, and even the grass was wet with the increase of weight is nearly impossible to find.

Socks is also very easy to clean, use common wash washing liquid, can also be used dry cleaning.If the socks have peculiar smell, can use alcohol disinfection to taste.Dyneema can prevent ultraviolet ray, even in the hot sun exposure, also need not worry about bad.