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These two things wash together, the consequence is very serious

Kobe Yin 2018-03-21 10:34:50
For us these workers, washing clothes is a headache thing, more expensive or silk clothes not machine wash, color of shallow and deep can't wash, less clothes don't want to wash, etc., more troubles is socks(men antibacterial socks manufacturers) and underwear can mix this need hand washing close-fitting clothing washed?How to wash is healthy?

Can you wash it together?

Socks: studies show that there are mainly through the stocking sweat (moisture, salt, but also contains lactic acid and urea), staphylococcus aureus, fungi, old cutin, smelly feet may have white versicolor bacterium, fungus and some smell metabolites.

Panties: there may be urine on the underpants, and there's no clean poop, secretions.Of underwear have a microbiologist has a lot of investigation and study, found a dirty underwear on average 0.1 grams with feces, feces and urine have hepatitis a virus, rotavirus, salmonella and e. coli and other bacteria and viruses.

In that case, through there are a large number of fungi on the socks(sport antibacterial socks suppliers and manufacturers) and underwear, namely, use detergent to clean, also can remove 80% of the bacteria, bacteria or they may cause cross infection.If the socks and underwear together on washing underwear extremely easy to cause foot fungus through genital infection to fragile, that both men and women should pay attention to, and have athlete's foot and the women are more prone to infection.This fungal infection is usually characterized by itching in the private area, partly with symptoms such as blisters, and in women, which can cause cervical disease.

So in order to avoid cross infection, it is recommended to wash clothes separately, and try not to wash with the socks.

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