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The role of split toe socks

2021-06-24 17:59:25

Today’s split-toe socks have five-toed socks and two-toed socks, which look like gloves are worn on the feet. Each toe of the five-finger socks is separated independently, and the big toe of the two-toed socks is separated separately. So what are the benefits of this distinctive socks for us?

1. Protect the natural shape of the foot, will not cause the deformation of the toe, the toe is flexible, comfortable and natural.

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2. Some people are born with long toes that are relatively tight and easy to sweat. Wearing split-toe socks can take advantage of the characteristics of cotton to absorb the sweat between the toes, make the air between the toes flow smoothly, and effectively prevent foot odor and athlete's foot.

3. Split-toe socks can avoid squeezing between the toes, allowing each toe to move freely, reducing the squeezing between the toes and causing pain between the toes, and promoting blood circulation;

4. Friends with onychomycosis can prevent mutual infection between toes by wearing five-finger socks!

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How to choose split toe socks

1. Choose less wool socks, The socks of this kind of material do not absorb sweat well, and tend to make the feet in a wet state, causing blisters. The function of split-toe socks is to absorb sweat and breathe better, It is best to choose cotton socks for better sweat absorption.

2. Fit and size are very important, The socks should fit perfectly, not too tight or too loose. If the socks are too large, the extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of the feet.

3. Pay attention to fiber density, When buying socks, you should pay attention to the fiber density of socks. It is not recommended to buy them if they are too loose.

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