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The evolution of the socks

2021-04-21 18:06:11

We wear socks basically every single day, but do you know how the socks appeared and how it became the socks we wear today? 

The socks used to be called “foot cloth” or “foot bag”. Socks been through thousands years of evolution and finally became the socks we wear today. It is started from the ancient Rome, that women tangle the thin tie on their legs and calves. This is the original type of socks. Until the middle of the middle age, this type of socks start to become a trend. Instead of ties, they wear fabrics . In 16 centuries, Spanish separate the stocking into pants and socks part, plus, they started to knit the socks.

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In 1589, a British man called William Lee invented the first hand knitting machine, because of the interest of his wife’s job. Not long after that, a French man called Fournier start to produced silk stocking and produced cotton socks in the middle of the 17 centuries. In 1938, nylon has been made and nylon socks started to put into the market which at that time became a big trend.

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In the old times, socks is just a protection clothes and normally wore by men. Women normally just wear shoes to show off their beautiful ankles. Until the knitting machine has been made and the production speed is 6 times faster than hand knit. This is the start of big amount of socks production. At the same time, women start to wear socks.

Since the cost of making socks became cheaper, the socks quantity become more and more everyday. Until now, since the technology and different materials comes up, the socks is not only a protection clothes, but also a fashion item in everyone’s closet.