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Teach you according to socks structure to distinguish the quality of good or bad

Kobe Yin 2017-03-22 13:07:25
Talk about the socks of the organizational structure: Table yarn.

Table yarn refers to the inelastic yarn: such as cotton yarn, polyester yarn, mercerized cotton, rabbit wool and the like. A pair of socks must have to stretch to be flexible to wear, which requires spandex, nylon and the like. Elastic cuffs  generally use rubber, sports socks on the tube is also generally used elastic, increase comfort and adhesion.

To identify a pair of socks is good or bad, mainly to see a few aspects, stereotypes are not partial, straight stitch straight line, stretching is not too big too small, the socks themselves have no yarn, dirty holes and the like. Embroidery decorations are not crooked, these surface things are very important. As for the color of the general consumer is no way to know, it is necessary to see the use of rubber spandex and table yarn is not with the color, or else the photo is very good to see a wear on the feet, which shows a large contrast The color is really ugly.

Stereotypes slant: To see whether the pattern on both sides of the socks symmetry.

Stretch question: Female socks soles stretch the best between 35-39CM, Men socks 38-42CM between wearing the most comfortable.

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