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Socks work and materials are different, the price is not the same

Kobe Yin 2017-03-23 13:40:30
1) raw materials: polyester cotton, cotton, combed cotton

The same shape of the socks, the appearance and color are the same, you feel by hand, in order to experience its severity, thickness, rough and delicate and smooth and comfortable and breathable. The most expensive comb cotton, cotton wear More comfortable, the worst of the worst polyester, poor ventilation, buy the proposed purchase of cotton socks (also known as cotton socks).

2) workmanship: style socks look the same look, but you want to see it is inside the work is the same?

Socks top: some single fold and then use the edge of the machine to cut up, so do what the socks and the emergence of the thread and the interface, and easy off-line and tangled toes. Double the tube is not the trouble, it is the mouth is double, straight down, do not fold up the copy of the edge, very flat, no wire head produced. There is the height of the hocked mouth, the height of the wide, that is, loch and then loose a little, some intense exercise, it is not easy to fall down.

Socks of the socks at the junction is hand-sewn, or the seam. Hand seam is also called no bone design, socks wiring is for the needle, the line of the line of the pick up, flat, or a pimple, walking and movement will not stalk and thread wrapped around the toes. The seam will be the interface will produce a pimple, strenuous exercise, may rub the toes, careless people, the thread may also be wrapped around the toenails, will be good pain.

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