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Choose the right shoes and socks to protect baby's little feet (1)

Kobe Yin 2017-03-24 14:06:05
Mothers do not look down on the baby's little feet, do not look away from the "head", 1 year old seems to play no role. But the feet at least 66 meridian points, especially the foot with numerous innervation of nerve endings. Feet is an important indicator of the development of children, is the examination of Chinese and Western medicine will check the special. Even if the baby will not stand and walk, this pair of small feet are not subject to the slightest grievances.

☆ small feet of the normal development, help to promote the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and other sports organs healthy growth.

☆ small feet of normal exercise, can promote lower blood flow, strengthen blood vessels, play a "second heart" role, strengthen the blood circulation.

☆ small feet of active exercise, can stimulate the foot of the nerve endings receptors, through feedback, excited center, so as to improve the sensitivity and memory of the brain thinking, so that your baby is more intelligent.

Our company is baby shoe socks supplier in China.This style of cotton baby shoe socks is suit for 0-12 month baby,have cute lamb doll and rubber bottom.We do OEM and ODM,export to Europe,North America,Oceania and Asia.