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Choose the right shoes and socks to protect baby's little feet (2)

Kobe Yin 2017-03-25 11:01:51
Choose the right socks tips

Do not underestimate the function of the socks, the baby's socks have a warm anti-cold cold, defense trauma pest control, anti-infection and other functions. Give the baby choose socks have a lot of knowledge and stress.

Material according to local conditions: pre-school cotton towel socks is very appropriate, to learn when the cotton floor socks or plush socks on the cold or cold areas of the baby is more suitable for warm.

Breathable and sweat: socks breathability and sweat absorption are very important, to promote skin respiration, deodorant moisture, the role of anti-mold breeding. Stockings breathable, cotton socks sweat good, baby socks optional cotton blended, both breathable and sweat.

Elastic to moderate: not only the size of socks to be appropriate, the waist of the elastic waist should be appropriate. There are moms for the baby pedal foot makes the socks off, specially selected hosiery tight or another elastic band, set on the ankle, this will affect the blood circulation, do not advocate.

Socks front no gap: some socks front is not continuous weaving, but suture, very difficult to stimulate the toe. Especially for the baby shoes, do not choose the front suture socks. In addition, pay attention to the socks in the thread cut off.

The color should not be too fancy: fancy colors need more dyes, dyes containing lead containing formaldehyde and other harmful substances, harmful to the baby's growth and development. Especially the baby, often their own bite foot, easy to increase the risk of chronic poisoning. 

In addition, after the baby to buy socks, before wearing, should carefully check whether the socks within the coil, coil or longer thread. If there is, must be pruning clean, until the socks inside the smooth and smooth after the children wear.

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