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Socks of the two major classification

Kobe Yin 2017-03-21 15:34:02
Socks by thickness classification, divided into full terry, half terry, flat socks.

What is the terry?Terry is the socks of bottom thickened. What is flat?Flat is the socks of bottom no thickening.

Full terry is all thickened, semi-terry is half thickened (soles of the feet may be, can only head thicker heel).

According to tube length,divided into Invisible socks,ankle socks,middle Tube socks,Knee-high socks.

Female socks and boys and girls kid socks soles of the feet size generally between 18-21.5CM, men socks foot size between 22-25CM.Socks can also be divided according to raw materials, divided into cotton socks, mercerized cotton socks, rabbit wool socks ... ...

So the market called a lot of socks on the chaos. We are professional to do the socks of the general length and length of the socks and socks, and so add a pair of socks, such as half-ring in the diamond-shaped female socks, the whole terry bar men and socks, flat heart-shaped girls socks ... ...

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