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Winter skirt to wear is not good, may be your pantyhose did not choose right (3)

Kobe Yin 2017-03-20 11:38:18
Feel that the title of non-universal pantyhose is none other than the season in this leggings, if only the pursuit of as long as the grace, not the temperature of the United States, then out of the. Now fashionable fine who like to wear it out of concave shape, after all, people also see the light is also light!

1. black

Whether it is black clothes or pants, are the most thin, the most wild. Pantyhose is no exception, a black line with a perfect interpretation of the nature of lazy Fan. Choose suede or woolen fabric skirt with leggings, sexy and stylish.

2. gray

Gray leggings are not as black and white as extreme, and is a light jacket with a savior, but the legs of the girl is still very heavy choice, obviously fat! Dark gray leggings no matter with the clothes or shoes are not as light gray look so abrupt, to say that the effect is obviously thin, but black friends ~

But the dark gray is quite wild, down jacket or jacket can be free to switch, and then with a pair of black boots, so you are afraid of gray?

3. Navy

Shallow than black, deep blue pantyhose pantyhose less boring and rigid, with a high tube boots legs one meter long eight, there are very sexy wood?

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