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Sweat-absorbent and breathable bamboo fiber socks

2021-06-11 17:02:04

Bamboo fiber is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeability. At the same time, it has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mites, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions.

Bamboo Fiber Socks in China

Socks made of bamboo fiber are made from bamboo pulp that grows naturally and made of high-tech methods, which are spun into yarn and made into socks. It is breathable, sweat-absorbent, deodorant, soft and comfortable. Because there is a natural antibacterial substance in bamboo called bamboo kun, bamboo fiber socks have natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mites and deodorant special functions, which can effectively remove odors and make the feet dry and comfortable.

1. It is not suitable to contact for a long time (more than 3 hours) or use hot water over 40 degrees Celsius for cleaning.
2. For bamboo fiber socks, use less alkaline detergent such as soap, and do not use strong alkaline and strong acid. Use normal (alkaline) detergents.
3. Do not knead hard, gently knead back and forth.
4. Don't wring it hard after washing, just rub it lightly and wring it dry.
5. Bamboo fiber socks are very absorbent, so socks should be replaced frequently.
6. Trim your toenails frequently.
7. When wearing, the socks should be turned down, and after putting on the toes, turn the socks up and back. Do not push hard.

China Bamboo Fiber Socks Supplier

It has the six major functions of bamboo fiber and has better extensibility and stretching force, not tight, not easy to relax, and comfortable to the body, just like the second skin of the human body, which fits perfectly with the body, and is tight and suitable to help maintain the human body. The unobstructed blood circulation, whether in daily office or doing sports, makes you naturally relaxed and free of restraint. Say goodbye to the troubles of smelly feet and give your feet a fresh breathing environment.